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Himeville was named after Sir Alfred Hime, a road engineer elected Prime Minister of Natal in 1889 The southern Drakensberg the region around Himeville presents more fly-fishing opportunities than anywhere else in the country, with the Underberg-Himeville Trout Fishing Club holding rights to more than 160km of river plus 60 dams with a surface area exceeding 400 hectares. The district further boasts three golf courses and numerous rivers for swimming, rafting, canoeing and tubing. Horse trails and polo fields add a further dimension to the available fun and excitement.

Himevill Nature ReserveHimeville Museum was built in 1900 as the last of Natal's loop-holed forts before housing prisoners until 1972. An open-air exhibition of settler and agricultural history is surrounded by display rooms housing military, African traditional and even trout- fishing memorabilia. Further, the museum is home to a valued collection of San artefacts and an insightful interpretation of the life and times of these ancient ones is to be found there.

Visitors to Himeville can arrange with local tour operators for day trips up Sani Pass or, providing that they have a 4 x 4 vehicle, choose to make the trip into Lesotho on their own. For those wishing to go on their own a valid passport is compulsory.

There are also a number of dams in and around the Underberg/Himeville District for the fly fishing enthusiast. Horse rides can be arranged locally. In summer it makes the perfect base for canoeists who plan to paddle the rivers in the area from the Umkomaas to the Umzimkulu. 

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Himeville Historical & Cultural Attractions

  • Himeville Museum
    The Himeville Museum is one of the best rural museums in the country due to ts wide range of exhibits. From fossils and stone age artifacts to a comprehensive display on the Bushmen, the early settlers as well as African beadwork and artifacts. The displays also cover the Anglo Boer War and the two world wars. There is an old post office and a school room, wild life display and many farming implements and machinery including a blacksmiths forge and a workshop.The museum is housed in the old fort or laager started in 1896 by the Border Mounted Rifles sent to police the area after the LeFleur Rebellion of 1895. Completed in 1899 it was only used once during the Bambata rebellion of 1906 although no fighting took place nearby. It was taken over by the Natal Mounted Police after the Anglo Boer War and turned into a prison by the addition of the warders house and magistrates court along with a number of cells. Abandoned as a prison in 1972 it became a museum in 1976 and was declared a National Monument in 1978. It is now affiliated to the KZN Provincial Museum Service.Covering the Bulwer, Underberg and Himeville communities it commemorates the way of life of all the erst while inhabitants of the last frontier of Natal and has a fairly extensive archives which is available to any would be student of local history.
  • Himeville Old Residency
    Built in 1898 and in constant use as the magistrates residence since construction, it is a national monument.Corner of Arbuckle and Clayton streets, Himeville
  • Himeville Fort 
    The Old Fort was completed in 1900 and used as a prison until 1972, when it became a museum. Exhibits include the San and period pieces of the early settlers of this area. It is a national monument. Arbuckle street, corner of George Street, Himeville.
  • Mhlwazini Cave, Drakensberg
    The cave is situated in the valley of the Mhlwazini river. It is a proclaimed heritage site of great sensitivity. In the valley of the Mhlwazini river.Himeville
  • Mpongweni Cave, Cobham
    Mpongweni cave contains many interesting rock paintings apparently depicting historic events. The fishing scene is especially interesting. Mpongweni was declared a national monument in July 1979. Cobham State Forest, Himeville
  • Himeville Nature Reserve
    Himeville Nature Reserve is situated in the southern Drakensberg, 130 km from Pietermaritzburg. The reserve stretches along the eastern boundary of Himeville Village and was proclaimed to its present size of 104 ha in 1973. Himeville Nature Reserve offers trout fishing in two dams situated in the reserve.
    Boats are no longer available for hire but anglers may use their own small rowing craft or flotation tubes. Power boats are not permitted. Visitors may walk freely throughout the reserve and view Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest.
    The two dams offer good opportunities for bird watching. Himeville is only 14 km from Cobham Nature reserve which offers enjoyable walks and hikes for the whole family.





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